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Sooo - entgan - 08-13-2013

I'm bored, and Death kinda takes FOREVER to reply to me in PM's so I figured I'd just do this, If someone can do some Artwork for me I'll pay 100 coins in game. Main reason, some friends on a Role Play site are tired of me using my "Avatar" as my Role play Character's look and I'm tired of hearing them complain about it...

RE: Sooo - Akai - 08-13-2013

I could help you out with that :3

RE: Sooo - death_star_gone - 08-13-2013

Check ur inbox ent Tongue I can't be on the forums all day

RE: Sooo - manuelcherri - 08-24-2023

oh men, this is real men?

RE: Sooo - jackfrostenson - 08-24-2023

wow :o