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Neverwinter! - Drara - 06-08-2014

Me and some other guys started playing Neverwinter. I know some from the Community play it too and I'd like to ask: is there a guild we can join? If not then I am thinking to create a guild.

RE: Neverwinter! - Akai - 06-08-2014

I haven't played it since it was released, I don't think anyone I was playing it with has played it since either lol

RE: Neverwinter! - Bribona - 06-09-2014

Finally an MMO where we can play all together since there is only one Server with every Language Big Grin

Lets play together Wink

Its free 2 play and fun Big Grin

RE: Neverwinter! - Akai - 06-09-2014

Yea maybe I'll reinstall it and have another go ^^