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Angle Plate price - clou2190 - 02-18-2020

Granite angle plats provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Their excellent finish and flatness make them very compatible for use with granite surface plate accuracies. The angle plats are available with with either 2 or 4 finished faces. The 2 face angle plate has the bottom and the adjacent square face finished flat and square to one another. The 4 face is similar to the 2 face one, but has the two adjacent sides finished flat and square to the other two faces, as well as being parallel to each other.
Fortune inserted angle plates
Inserted angle plates are available upon request. This production is the same as standard angle plate, with the addition of metal discs inserted into one side. The inserted angle plates also have a main gauging face for magnetic chucking purpose and threaded inserts for clamping purposes
All granite products available in custom sizes and thickness with threaded inserts, with or without lightening holesAngle Plate price

RE: Angle Plate price - davidjohn34 - 07-04-2022

The manufacturing process is the same as for standard corner plate, with the addition of metal discs inserted on one side. Your article is very good and informative, weaver wordle. I always follow your posts on phrazle. Thank you for sharing!

RE: Angle Plate price - tomhiddleston - 07-21-2022

Thank you for helping me locate what I'm looking for. Everyone loves playing quordle game games!