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How to find lost Airpods - tradeflocks - 01-17-2022

Apple AirPods are too tiny to handle and are difficult to locate if misplaced. Because it is so little, there is a good possibility you may lose them. Despite having a design comparable to the buds of old wired EarPods, the AirPods may fit in your ears exactly like any other in-ear wireless headphones. However, there is a good risk you may lose them when working out or running with those buds on. Step-by-step guide for how to find lost AirPods outlines the set-up requirements for finding them, and the different methods you can use.
i) Navigate Through The Find My App
ii) Click On “Play Sound”

RE: How to find lost Airpods - Mira23 - 02-24-2023

On an iPad or iPhone: Tap Devices in the Locate My app, word wipe then tap your AirPods.