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What should be tested for color blindness? - alijen - 06-17-2023

There are screening tests to detect color blindness and the following specialized tests to help understand the type and severity of color blindness. The Ishihara Color Test, or color blind test application, is a common type used to diagnose color blindness.
The patient looks at a picture book of mixed colors to see if they can distinguish them. Pictures that contain dots of all different colors and sizes. A number or shape of a different color will be placed in those dots. People who are color blind will have difficulty seeing numbers or shapes, or they may not see at all.
How to overcome color blindness
To date, there is no complete cure for color blindness. However, you can refer to some of the following measures to overcome color blindness:
Use a color filter: This is a type of glass developed with the ability to increase the contrast between colors that the patient cannot distinguish. Filters can help colorblind people distinguish colors, but they cannot treat the disease.
If the cause of the disease is due to the use of drugs or a complication of another medical condition, the color blindness will disappear when you stop taking the drug or treat the underlying condition.
In order to live without color blindness affecting patients, it is necessary to learn to live with it. For example, children with color blindness need to be detected early and supported from a young age so that they do not have difficulty with things related to color discrimination, such as learning the order of traffic lights,...