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01-07-2014, 02:47 PM,
So, I know a few folks in the community have been playing DayZ alpha. I kind of laughed it off, but then my friend (some of you know him as aboxofdonuts) and another friend of mine got it and were playing for a while while I was on skype with them. It piqued my interest. Long story short, I got the game. Started playing it last night, and been hooked ever since.

But now I'm thinking about it and it is a lot like Minecraft. There is no permanent leveling system, you just spawn in randomly, and then you have to survive. I believe eventually you will be able to create farms, fix up houses, repair vehicles, craft things, etc. It's just got better graphics, in a modern day zombie apocalypse setting.

So I got thinking, I wonder how fun it would be if Reliquia had a DayZ server. In theory it would be great to get in on the "ground floor" so to speak. This game is obviously quite popular already and its only in alpha and will only get better. But then I thought its a bit too PvP focused for most people in our community. Most people on our minecraft servers like to work together, build up bases or towns and enjoy doing player versus environment. And then I realized you can toggle PvP off on a DayZ server. Or maybe someday there could be multiple maps on a DayZ server like we have on Minecraft, and one could have PvP and another could not. Then people could like, work together to take over a town, fix it up, make defenses, repair vehicles to use, and stock up supplies while holding off zombies.

Granted it is in alpha and who knows how complex the game will become, but I think there is a lot of great potential for it. And I dont know how difficult it would be for reliquia to have a server for this, or how demanding it would be on a server, or if our server could handle the processing load in its current set up. Anyway, it's a pretty cool game, was mostly just expressing some cool ideas I had. I don't really expect us to do anything with this because we would probably have to upgrade our current server or get an additional one with lots of memory which of course would cost more money. But it's a cool thought right? It could get a lot new people into the community, at least in theory.
- Burial
01-07-2014, 03:11 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
I'd be for it... But I'm waiting till after alpha to install it... At lest then I'll skip all the bugs. And yes I did buy myself into the Alpha but as stated before.
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01-07-2014, 03:51 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
Months ago we had an own DayZ Server for Reliquia but there were too much problems with it.
The most big problem we have seen so far: The Game is too buggy. We have an eye on DayZ and if the Bugs are fixed we can talk about this again.

Drara Heart
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01-07-2014, 03:54 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
Yeah I mean the game is in Alpha right now, so it being buggy is to be expected. But I suspect it will get better over time. I would love to play it with more people from reliquia, and even fortify towns and such.
- Burial
01-07-2014, 08:48 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
DayZ: SA Servers are currently Public Hive only and the files to run these servers are only being handed out to major hosting companies, which means we would have to rent a server from outside Reliquia to have "our own" server.

At this point no Private hive servers, so you'll have to find people in TS or through Steam who wish to play with one another and all join the same server.
01-07-2014, 09:40 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
OOooorrr you could just donate on shotbow and play minez?

Sorry not donate thats for Gunz
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01-07-2014, 10:29 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
Drara, he's talking about the Stand alone game.
Not the Arma 2 mod.
Also for an Alpha, it aint that buggy imo. Could be so much worse. The game is very playable.

The developer has stated Alpha will be very long and beta might not even happen until 2015...
Looting, Epic, Pokematt and I have been playing and enjoy it alot.
Turning PvP off would be boring as thou.
Also I haven't read anywhere it saying you can repair buildings and start farms or will in future...
A game with all these elements already exists and its 1/2 the price. Rust.
I'm yet to get it, but Akai loves it. And I heard it will be polished and ready with everything you wanted before DayZ.
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01-08-2014, 08:25 AM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
I am currently not on my normal desktop, but plan to get DayZ when I'm back on it and would love to be able to play with the people of Reliquia. Sounds like loads of fun!
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01-08-2014, 03:29 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?

or alternatively,

"animals and hunting, cooking and gathering resources, playable user customized vehicles, player created constructions in the environment"

Animals and hunting go together, cooking and farming go together (farming is a means to gather resources to cook with) customizable vehicles like trucks, cars, tanks and even helicopters from what I have seen on YouTube videos from the mod (its only logical for the devs to want the full game to have at least as much as the mod if not, more.) Player created constructions in the environment... I would assume means making some kind of shelter. depending on how complex that shelter is, one could even call it a house.

Also in this youtube video:

He talks about the mod and how he expects there to be some of the aforementioned features introduced in the near future.

Anyway, these are some of the sources from where I got most of the information in my original post. Seems like theres a lot of cool stuff coming in the future of DayZ.

P.S. Ranga, I think it would be lots of fun to play it with you, and others from Reliquia!
- Burial
01-08-2014, 07:44 PM,
RE: DayZ...Reliquia?
im up for it if it does ever become a thing Smile Recently got the DayZ standalone

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