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08-28-2013, 10:07 AM,
RE: Reflection
I came before most of you guys yes akai and jack and some others were there but I came much before the rpgmakers left the server there I met a plot neighbor who was doing jumping puzzles (cambellim) we did a couple of jumping puzzles together which led to me meeting zersty and we did small minecraft videos on youtube (they are still there) since then I joined what was at the time spectre now who knows what they call them self but they were the not minecraft part of anthrax. ive kept in touch a little bit but they keep changing their teamspeak so its hard Tongue. since then I was in many projects I with camp and friends founded one of the first towns and the first town to join with a nation of haven. latter on I moved from my town to haven and met a lot of people like akai rabi and others. I realy met drara by going on the german server (drara has allways been nice Big Grin) since then ive kept in contact with a lot of people and most know the story from there they can fit themselves in where they see it but that's how I joined reli and I hope to see it through to the end.
A wise man once said "JUST DONT DO IT"
08-28-2013, 05:31 PM,
RE: Reflection
(08-27-2013, 05:14 PM)Martha_Meow schrieb: -Kup and I waging a two man war on Westmarch (sorry Cyr) using potions because it wasn't technically against the rules

That was me!! That was one of the scariest nights of minecraft in my life!
08-29-2013, 12:05 AM,
RE: Reflection
(08-28-2013, 05:31 PM)JLspike6 schrieb:
(08-27-2013, 05:14 PM)Martha_Meow schrieb: -Kup and I waging a two man war on Westmarch (sorry Cyr) using potions because it wasn't technically against the rules

That was me!! That was one of the scariest nights of minecraft in my life!

haha sorry about that

not really >:D
08-30-2013, 10:16 PM,
RE: Reflection
A lot has happened since I have joined this community, and I mean a lot!

In the one year, 10 months, and 20 days I have been with this community, I have been through more ups and downs than I can count. It all started on 10 October 2011, when YouTube account: OMFGcata uploaded a video titled “‪RPG Makers ‬‬‬: ‪Pirates, Build Day, and the new‬.” After viewing the video, I quickly went onto Minecraft and attempted to join this so called “”, however I could not due to the vast amount of people online. The server had a player limit of 100 and believe me every single slot was filled. It took me two more days before I was actually able to log in. But once in, I knew that this place was for me. What I did not know is that I would be with the people from it for a year to come. I got my plot, not too far back, and bought it, next to someone who helped me find it. About two weeks after I join, I notice on the website that the server was accepting moderator applications. Being myself, I had to apply. Not knowing that I did not stand a chance at getting it. A month or so later, I was at the tree farm when suddenly people started to pop in from all over and started to work on something. What it was, I have no idea. Soon at least 10 people were working to build a tree farm. This is no big deal, but the amount of people working on it was great, everybody lending a hand to help out in any way they can. The tree farm was finished, but then we started making all sorts of other farms too, like a melon and pumpkin farm. Then someone offered to make an automatic cactus farm, I did not know who he was, but he had a yellow face with a tong sticking out, and a nice top hat. That was the first real friend I met with the community. I was able to see his giant plot(s). Which were almost completely dug out and had statues of the people who helped dig it out underground. Above ground was some of Kol’s best work, including his amazing windmill, which still makes my jaw drop whenever I see it. Soon after a trial-mod started to help out, her name was Akai_Spirit. With her help, and magical flying powers, we were able to build the most amazing tree farm anybody had ever seen, on the server at least. Also at this time I met another good friend of mine, cinine12. We met mainly because he offered to donate a ton of dirt to the farm. In return I helped him a lot with his awesome plot, which took up a ton of cobble. Furthermore, a few days after the farm I discovered that my good friend from real life played Minecraft, and I immediately told him to join He stayed at my plot most of the time, but he did buy his own plot and made a really cool sandstone Mayan temple with all the spare sandstone we had (Almost everybody had a ton of sandstone because it was the easiest way to level up). ‬‬‬
One evening I came on the server and no one else was on, not a soul. I should have found this strange, but I just farmed some wood and left. I had no idea that the server was going to close hours later. The server closed over a financial dispute with money won by the King of the Web competition. Anthrox remained offline for several long weeks. It was a painful time, but I did manage to create my own server that lasted a little while.
When the server went up again, almost nothing was the same. Except for the portal world, which basically did not change at all. Instead of having a plot world, which created a lot of lag for the server, the admins decided to go with a towny plugin. I had no idea what this was but thought it was cool, so I hop into the portal and appear at the towny spawn. The towny spawn was a town being built by mainly Liv and Louiuol. I did not pay much attention to it because at that time I saw that one of my old friends was online. She had just made a new town called “Haven”. She offered to invite me and right then and there I joined. After a few days the town was very busy, with people like Hipsterhiphop (Martha), Zero, Nova_Night, Dark (with his epic Birchwood house), Pokematt, Candebulders, Valaquenta and more! It was also around this time I decided to join the server’s teamspeak. Little did I know that almost everybody on the server I knew at the time was on it. I fit right in. One evening Zero came up with the idea to build a statue of the Chicken God and Akai in the large ravines beneath the town. We spent hours working on it and hoping that Akai would not login until it was finished, however she did. We all hurried back into town spawn and tried to act as casual as possible. A little while after she logged in and we were back to normal activities, a message came up in town chat asking why a chicken statue and her bottom half were in a ravine. She had found out. Apparently she had noticed light coming from the ravine and wanted to find out what it was. A week passed without much happening in town, then we had more than enough money and people to establish a nation, as well as an outpost. We decided to make an outpost right next to the towny spawn and a town called Brisingar, which we would add to out new nation titled “Sanctus”. However not much was known about towny at this point, and when I logged in the next day after school, everything was gone. All of it, the outpost, the town, everything. I and the other Havenites were really upset, but we started with the task of rebuilding. We were going to build the best town the server had ever seen. I built my house exactly the same as I had with the house before the town’s fall. We made out nation again, but this time we were more careful, and we did not make it until we got another town’s dedication to join Sanctus. The famous nation was made and Haven and Fukishima became the first two towns to be part of a nation on the server. Brisingar never joined Sanctus. Shortly following the creation of Anthox’s first nation, Cyrileo (mayor of Westmarch) and Elija (mayor of Riften) joined forces to create an even bigger nation on the server. It composed of the two biggest towns on the server, both with over 100 people each. However most seemed to be inactive. At this time I got a good friend of mine from real life, Iam, to get on the server. She joined Riften, and stayed there for the next few months before I was finally able to convince her to join Haven.
Hipster and I thought it would be fun to visit Westmarch. I grabbed some potions of poison just incase. When we got to the town after a long walk, we saw that some people started to attack us. It was fun playing around with them, as they formed a small army to keep out the attackers. I then started to throw potions. No, nobody died. And we met some pretty cool people along the way. The next morning I come on to learn that new rule has been put in place: “No potions will be thrown in towny”. I found out that I was the reason that the rule was put in place. Sorry if you are upset over the rule. Also at this time the spawn town fell into ruin. All the hard work of Liv and Louiuol gone. However they would soon make a new, better towny spawn, in an ocean, and would include the shops in it as well (shops at the time were at the farming world spawn).
The farming world was really cool for one reason, the sand farm. It was huge and deep and had both sand and sandstone. But what made it so cool was the fact that there were 15-20 layers of sand, then some sandstone, and then sand again. This was all random so you could not farm sand completely, only a little bit to help you gain it faster.
Around this time, growth around Haven started to slow. Furthermore, Haven was no longer experiencing a “threat” from Westmarch or Riften. Also, a bunch of the former residents from Brisingar started to join Liv’s new town, which was on an island and looked really cool. That town probably had more server staff than any other; people like sabian, omen, liv, Louioul, and chromen were all a part of it. Yet was not my main interest at the time. Instead it was Anthrox.DE, a German version of Anthrox. On that server I met one of the best admins I would even know, her name was Drara. She was the nicest person I had ever known. She let us come online and build this awesome sky-city on the server’s sky-land map. They used factions, a plugin much like towny. I spent the next few weeks helping Drara, Bribona, and her gang build the best faction on the German server, Purpureus. I served as the potion brewer, and I made a ton of potions without any shift clicking.
I don’t really know much about coming back to English Anthrox. I know that the town bank was overflowing with money and the nation bank was quickly filling up. New members of the town included Jackh45, Campbellim, Burialkeeper, Iamsoawesome1231, Ancient, Drara, and Mobthe. Haven now had all the people it needed to become the most awesome town, ever. However with every plus came a minus. A former member of Sanctus, SuxPanda, left the nation out of rage to create a new town and nation. He was the mayor of a town called Morpork and joined the same nation Havenites have always opposed, ran by Cyrileo. Did I forget to mention that Elija left after being banned? Sorry.
Work was also starting on the best castle a town could possibly make. The Sanctus castle. Designed by all members of the nation and built by Jack, Akai, Burial, and Camp. Jack and Akai did most of the work on the main structure. Burial built an awesome boat out in front of the castle, in Lake Haven. Camp worked on the underground portion of the castle, however the amount of digging required meant that it could never be finished. Ancient was in charge of the Redstone and did much with it, including a programmable waterfall and a hidden staircase in the floor.
It was sometime in June that the downfall of Anthrox started. First, the server started a new application period for moderators. I applied again (for the third time) and I got an interview. Sadly my chance of getting mod on Anthrox never got off the ground. The hiring process was stopped when Drara made the thread announcing that she was leaving and Anthrox was being shut down. Liv sent a pm to all those who were interviewed saying that there would be a halt in the hiring process. I was then approached in the Skype chat. This Skype chat was mostly people in Haven, but also people like Corrog. In that chat I was asked if I would join Drara and a bunch of Havenites on her new server, called Reliquia. At first I was not sure. I thought Anthrox would be back up soon, and I would be getting mod on it. It didn’t take long for Jack to convince me to join them in the new server. I got a few days on it before I had to leave for a month long trip that started on the official opening of Reliquia. I stayed in touch for most of the trip via my phone. Thank God for 3g. When I got back, I was immediately welcomed into the new family. Things were different from what I was used to, but I needed a new start.

I am leaving a lot out of this, mainly because it’s already three pages long. But also because I do not want to give a bad impression on anybody, and some things are best left in the dark. I hope that I did not offend anybody at all, I just wanted to give my story to the best of my ability.

Scattered Memories:
Yannick, Martha and I were all in creative world messing around. We were being very immature building melons with milk and stuff. We did some non-right things without knowing ghost was just overhead watching it.
One night we were all hanging out under the castles cliffs, as well as teamspeak. The people there included Camp, Burial, Drara, Corrog, Iam, and me. I don’t remember if Jack and Akai were there or not. Any way we were having a blast and then things started to get inappropriate. I won’t go into detail, but lets just say the shift key was hit a lot. Then two of the member took off into Kol’s underground city of submergia and started to use the shift key a lot.
When someone else found a funny Canadian jokes website in teamspeak. And started to make fun of Canada with Martha. That’s when I started to say “aboot”.
A day in teamspeak where just about the entire normal server was on playing music and getting along like a family, without any fighting or anything.
Me getting yelled at by Liv to stop throwing eyes of ender in creative world or she would ban me.
Kol’s amazing water temple
Building the first roads in the creative world, to divide up the area according to the sections. Zero, Martha, Kol, I worked hard to get it done without world edit or anything like that. Then Drara came to the rescue to finish the roads with world edit, Thanks again Drara!
Getting super excited when I saw a post saying the server was back up after the split up from shaboozey. Turns out the post was 2 months old.

German server skylands trailer video
Sky View of the tree farm
Picture of those who worked on the tree farm

[Bild: xMcewAB.png]
Only Pic I found from Anthrox 1.8 plot world

[Bild: s6gZ71O.png]
[Bild: uqC7h2Y.png]
Butter Boots!

[Bild: mjiQ0ZR.jpg]
[Bild: ByMihpF.jpg]
The battle of Akai, Vala and evilclown

[Bild: 3c0RRxR.jpg]
A fun spleef battle we had at kol's arena in creative world

[Bild: mcdNrpY.png]
My proposal to Hipsterhiphop

[Bild: VG8CFfG.jpg]

[Bild: VYO6zXT.png]
The banning of Vala and trying to get his diamonds! Thanks camp for giving me some Tongue

[Bild: cjUk4uR.png]
Jack, Akai, Burial, and I all waiting for Serg100's town Imaboss to fall into ruins

[Bild: z9hvHkO.jpg]
My first ban!

Also, sorry about that JL <3
08-31-2013, 01:27 AM,
RE: Reflection
(08-30-2013, 10:16 PM)Kuprtyasd schrieb: [insert text wall here]

Wow, never saw the old tree farm not griefed Tongue
08-31-2013, 01:28 AM,
RE: Reflection
omg my original skin...omg my Haven T_T
[Bild: KY7q4ks.png]
Life can seem like it's a little bit rough, but the tough ponies never ever give up.
08-31-2013, 01:52 AM,
RE: Reflection
I remember that battle! Akai was /god Tongue
08-31-2013, 07:26 AM,
RE: Reflection
She was always /god back then xD
Good times Kup! Like you I started to write it all out, but it was just too long. Too many memories and good times spent!
Do not rep me.
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08-31-2013, 09:36 AM,
RE: Reflection
That's why I stoped before New Haven lol
08-31-2013, 12:54 PM,
RE: Reflection
Unfortunately, i have no screenshots from anthrox(my friend has some i sent to him ill get them later) cause of latop derping up, but on been on reliquia from the start.
I was here for:
Burial, akai, drara spawning gaints in farming world and having half the server kill them.
Joining aurealis :p
The awesome pvp event
Flylich and looting tricking me into thinking i grief and said ill be banned(and i believe them)
Becoming helper
losing helper because of nateshut
making my tortuga :3
Corrog lagging me to death by spawn like thousands of chickens in cyr's town
The banning of valle
The banning of ewok
Towny reset
Remaking tortuga
Baning of nateshut
Tory :3
The long, pittyful wait to 1.5
Destorying tortuga and making monte cristo
Reliquia's birthday
(major server reset)
but these screenshots i do have :3
[Bild: Djfmn.png]
[Bild: CjDWbOJ.png][Bild: SRhSw3S.jpg]
In the end
We don't remember the words of our enemies
But the silence of our friends

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