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What about internal leakage of vacuum pump unit?
11-23-2018, 06:49 AM,
What about internal leakage of vacuum pump unit?
Speaking of the internal leakage of vacuum pump units, we should pay attention to the fact that most of it will occur on a device with water-cooled jacket. Speaking of the phenomenon of internal leakage of vacuum pump unit, in fact, we did not find any doubts when we checked the leakage, but the pumping speed of its mechanical pump will be significantly lower, and the vacuum gauge value is relatively low or the mechanical pump oil is quickly emulsified.

If it is found that the iron-based parts in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum pump unit will be obviously corroded. Basically, it can be confirmed that the phenomenon of internal leakage occurred. At this time, we should pay attention to the need to clean the inner wall first, then, to pass through the cooling water, see if it has no wetting point, its wetting point is its leak point.

In fact, the leakage of vacuum pump unit is very difficult to check. The common method is to use the ionization tube sensitive to some gases under high vacuum to detect leakage. More commonly, acetone or ethanol can be injected directly into suspicious areas with medical syringes. When the injection reaches the leak point, we will find that there will be more obvious oscillation on the Ionometer pointer.

In this way, we must have patience to detect the leakage of vacuum pump units. We must wait until the ionometer's indication is stable. In this respect, we will find that in fact, it will achieve a balance between the pumping capacity and the leakage rate, and then it can achieve injection.

For the larger leakage point of vacuum pump unit, flame method can be used directly, and the principle of using airflow to make flame deviate directly. Attention should be paid to vacuum first. Next, candles or lighters should be used to search for suspicious points near the vacuum pump unit step by step.
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