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Russian Prom notifies European customers Gas delivery is not guaranteed. citing force
08-01-2022, 06:51 AM,
Wink  Russian Prom notifies European customers Gas delivery is not guaranteed. citing force
[Bild: 21455f200b932c7f8756e1b29dcacf9d.jpg]

Russian energy giant Gasprom sent a letter to European customers. Gas delivery is not guaranteed. After the closure of Nord Stream 1 maintenance for 10 days, citing force majeure.

On July 19, 2022, Reuters reported that Gazprom, a major Russian energy company. Inform European customers that gas delivery cannot be guaranteed. Due to the "special" situation, which increases the economic risk eye-for-a-tooth to Western nations from the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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The news comes while Nord Stream 1, the main gas pipeline. The gas supply from Russia to Germany and other countries is undergoing 10-day annual maintenance, with completion scheduled for Thursday.

The notice raised concerns in Europe that Russia may not launch Nordstream 1 at the end of the maintenance period. in response to the sanctions imposed after the war in Ukraine This creates an energy crisis that increases the risk of the region going into recession.

Force majeure claiming to be an act of God It is the standard in business contracts. and free any party from legal obligations.

Prom's announcement does not necessarily mean that Gas Prompt will stop gas transmission. But it could mean that the company is unlikely to be held liable. If the terms of the contract cannot be fulfilled

However, Gazprom did not answer any questions.

Russian gas shipments through major routes have declined in recent months. This includes shipping through Ukraine and Belarus. including through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

The source said Force majeure claims Gas Prom have raised concerns about gas delivery through Nord Stream 1.

Hans Van Cleef, senior energy economist at ABN Amro Bank, said: “This sounds like the first sign that the Nord Stream 1 gas supply will not happen again. After 10 days of maintenance is over.

He added that “Whether these issues are technical or political, It could mean the next step in upgrading between Russia and Europe/Germany.”

Uniper, Germany's largest importer of Russian gas. was one of the gasprom customers who received the notice. Uniper said it had formally denied the claim: “Not fair”

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