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7 Tips to Survive Online Classes
08-22-2022, 01:32 PM,
7 Tips to Survive Online Classes
It's no surprise that online classes have grown in popularity over the years. Students can squeeze in an extra class or take a class at the community college for a reduced tuition rate. Or even complete their degrees online.
An online class can be extremely appealing. It allows you to set your own time and pace. You can focus on your work, family, traditional classes, on-campus activities, or your social life when you take online classes. Online classes are not all fun and games. Without proper discipline, the convenience of online classes can quickly be overpowered by panic.
If you fail to keep up with your online classes, you might find yourself halfway through the semester with 6 lessons in the back or have missed the deadline on an important assignment.
Online classes can be very sneaky if you don't know how they work. Your plans to save money and get ahead suddenly seem more like mistakes.
However, there are steps you can follow to avoid these horror-like situations. You won't be waking up at 3AM in a panic if you don't log in to your online class for 3 weeks.
You've taken the first step toward survival by looking for tools to help with your online classes and passing them with flying colors. You deserve a pat on your back and these 7 tips will help you survive your online class.
1. Log in to your class as soon possible
It may seem obvious but understanding what your professor expects you to do from you right from the beginning can help you plan your actions to earn the best possible grade. Don't delay and assume nothing will happen the first week.
2. Log in to your class often
It can be tempting to log into the site at the start of the semester. Instead, create a plan and only log in on days you have an assignment. Just like traditional classes, things may change. You might find that your professor has to make a change in the course schedule. Or they may decide to add an assignment mid-semester. It doesn't matter what the change might be, log in often to avoid being surprised.
Set an alarm to remind yourself to log in each day, or every few days. Then stick to your schedule.
3. A set time each day should be devoted to your class
Online classes can be adapted to any schedule without a fixed class time. It's easy to forget about a set time and put it off for something more important.
It will help you stay on track and keep you engaged in your classes by setting a specific time and schedule. To schedule your coursework, use iCal or Google Calendar. You will be able to meet your deadlines.
4. Get to know and get to know your professor
This seems strange as most professors you meet online are not available to you. If you see it from the professor's point of view, however, they don't ever meet you. Instead, you're a faceless entity who receives good or bad grades.
To introduce yourself, send them an email. This will give them something more than your name to consider when grading your work. It can also help to be friendly.
5. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance
It can be hard to find the right class time and a way to ask for assistance with difficult sections of your class without one. Your professors, even though your classes are online, are still human beings and want to help students achieve their best grades. You can reach them via their message board or send an email asking a question.
6. Technology can be used to your advantage
There are many online class aids online. There are many great free online classes in computer science. Khan Academy is a great resource for math help.
7. Meet other students
It doesn't matter if you feel that way at times. Reach out and help your classmates if you're having the same problems. You might be able to create a Google Hangout Study Group or a discussion thread that will allow you to get the help and support you need.
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