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Duotrigordle - Guess 32 words at once
02-22-2023, 04:20 AM,
Duotrigordle - Guess 32 words at once
If you like Wordle but want a more difficult challenge, try the duotrigordle. You'll no longer need to make a single guess; instead, you'll have 37 opportunities to correctly identify 32 words. Only one letter at a time can be entered, and there are 32 possible boards to choose from. In order to identify as many proper words as possible, you must examine the boards one block at a time and apply the many colored recommendations. Play duotrigordle and share your best videos with the world.

I'm confused as to how Duotridordle, a card game, is played.

First, randomly select a letter from the alphabet and enter it into the word's first position. The keyboard is located at the bottom of the grid, for your convenience. The same letter appears simultaneously in four separate words duotrigordle wordle.
Second, enter the first five characters and hit the "Enter" key when you're done. Words must be added until the entire board is full. The board will be locked and you will advance to the next level once you have correctly answered all of the questions.
Third, the color indications will let you know how close you are to the ideal color. Finding green tiles indicates that you have correctly arranged all of the letters. Having tiles that are yellow indicates that the correct letters were selected, but they were improperly placed. Several of these tiles are blank because they lack some of the characters necessary to spell the word, leaving blank spaces that appear gray.
Four, keep going down the page until you can see all 32 blocks. You'll have 37 tries to find as many words as possible.

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