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What are the benefits of NFT in business?
10-24-2023, 03:01 PM,
What are the benefits of NFT in business?
Digital Ownership and Provenance: NFTs enable businesses to establish ownership and provenance of digital assets, including artwork, music, videos, and documents. This is valuable for intellectual property protection and copyright management.

Monetization of Digital Assets: Companies can monetize their digital assets by selling NFTs. For example, artists, musicians, and content creators can sell limited edition NFTs of their work, generating new revenue streams.

Royalty Payments: Smart contracts associated with NFTs can automate royalty payments to creators every time the NFT is resold. This benefits artists and content creators by ensuring ongoing income from their work.

Enhanced Branding: NFTs can be used for branding and marketing purposes. By creating and selling branded NFTs or using them in promotional campaigns, businesses can engage with their audience in a unique way.

Tokenized Assets: Businesses can tokenize real-world assets, such as real estate or luxury goods, and sell them as NFTs, providing fractional ownership opportunities and liquidity to investors.

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01-07-2024, 11:52 PM,
RE: What are the benefits of NFT in business?
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