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How do you win at Quordle?
04-27-2024, 03:48 AM,
Star  How do you win at Quordle?
quordle is a delightful online number puzzle game inspired by Wordle.
Grid Setup: The game board consists of 6 rows. Within this grid, a hidden numerical code awaits your discovery.

Objective: Your mission is to decipher this secret word. You have a limited number of attempts for each round.

Guessing Process:
Input: With each guess, you’ll enter a 5-digit number.
Feedback: After each attempt, the colors of the cells will change. These color changes provide crucial information:
Green: a digit in your guess is correct and in the correct position.
Yellow: a digit in your guess is correct but in the wrong position.
Gray: a digit in your guess is not part of the hidden.
Use Clues: Analyze the feedback to refine your subsequent guesses. Adjust your strategy based on the color hints to home in on the hidden word.
Challenge Yourself: Quordle is a delightful blend of logic, deduction, and strategy. Sharpen your mind and enjoy the thrill of cracking the hidden.
05-23-2024, 12:46 AM,
RE: How do you win at Quordle?
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