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What is the goal of Crossy Road?
05-20-2024, 04:18 AM,
Rainbow  What is the goal of Crossy Road?
The main goal of crossy road is to cross as many obstacles as possible without getting hit or falling off the screen.
Specifically, the goals in Crossy Road are:
1. Survive and progress:
- The player controls a character that must navigate through a series of roads, rivers, and other obstacles.
- The objective is to keep the character alive and progressing forward for as long as possible.
2. Earn points:
- The player earns points for each successful step the character takes to cross an obstacle.
- The score increases incrementally with each step, motivating the player to progress further.
3. Achieve a high score:
- The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible score by crossing the most obstacles without losing.
- Players are encouraged to beat their own high scores or compete with friends for the top scores.
4. Unlock new characters:
- The game features various unlockable playable characters that the player can collect.
- Unlocking new characters adds variety and personalization to the gameplay experience.
5. Explore different environments:
- As the player progresses, the game introduces new environments with unique obstacles and challenges.
- Exploring these varied environments is part of the gameplay experience.
06-12-2024, 01:08 AM,
RE: What is the goal of Crossy Road?
I've been playing Crossy Road for a while for my geometry dash now, but I still struggle to achieve really high scores. Any tips or strategies for navigating through the obstacles more efficiently and racking up more points?

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