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You can also use the website
05-21-2024, 03:24 AM,
You can also use the website
Inquiring about shares using the Saudi citizen’s civil registry number is also one of the ways to inquire about old shares provided by the Kingdom, through the Tadawulati platform, which includes information about all transactions that took place in the Saudi financial market, including buying, selling, and trading shares.
How do I know my shares by ID number?
كيف اعرف أن عندي أسهم قديمة
One of the most important ways to inquire about old shares is to use the Tadawulati service, using the personal ID number only. The Edaa platform, or known as the Tadawulati platform, provides the service of inquiring about old shares and subscriptions only using the personal ID number, the name of the investor, and the name of the financial broker, through simple steps as follows: follows:

Opening the website for the deposit platform (Tadawulati).
The required data is entered, which includes the investor's ID number and name.
Specify the name of the company in question.
Enter the security code shown on the screen, then press the search icon.
Within moments, the page will move to display all of the client's data and the number of shares he owns in the company he is searching for.
05-23-2024, 12:41 AM,
RE: You can also use the website
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05-23-2024, 12:42 AM,
RE: You can also use the website
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06-13-2024, 12:49 AM,
RE: You can also use the website
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