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Special events in papa's scooperia
06-10-2024, 12:54 AM,
Music  Special events in papa's scooperia
In papa's scooperia, there are several special events and challenges
1. Holidays: Throughout the year, various holidays are celebrated in the game. During these events, you will have access to special ingredients and recipes. For example, on Valentine's Day, you can create romantic cake pops with heart-shaped cookies and pink syrup.
2. Special offers for customers: Some customers have their own offers. Pay attention to their orders, as they may request specific combinations of flavors and toppings. Satisfying these customers earns you extra points.
3. Mini-Games: Participate in mini-games throughout the day to get extra tips. These games test your skill and speed and when successfully completed reward you with bonuses.
4. Seasonal Ingredients: Pay attention to seasonal ingredients. They appear periodically and allow you to create limited-time cake pops. Using them wisely can increase your score.
5. Special Recipes: As you progress, you will unlock special recipes. These are more complex creams that challenge your multitasking abilities. Mastering them is essential to achieving higher rankings.

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